Water reuse

Hydroitalia – Colsen provides wastewater treatment applications to purify water produced from different industrial processes, in order to reach the required final quality standard for the discharge or its reuse. The definition of the correct wastewater treatment solution depends on the input process water specification and the final industrial use of the purified water.

The continuous improvement of quality standard and the opportunity due to the water reuse/recycling into the industrial processes needs technologies to purify water such as the membranes.

Hydroitalia – Colsen proposes membrane systems for water purification and reuse in order to reduce costs due to the treatment and the water supply and produce high  quality water for application as boiler feed, cooling towers or process water. Our activity stars from the definition of the best membrane type for a specific treatment, even supported by pilot tests if necessary, and covers all the following steps from the design, installation, star-up and commissioning of the membrane systems.