Water recycle - RO-Recycle® and MemPhos® technology

The MBR systems (micro – ultra – nano filtration and reverse osmosis), also combined with the NAS® system technology, allow to reduce the footprint of the plants and installations and/or revamp existing plants, improving the treatment results.

Hydroitalia – Colsen design, constructs and installs MBR and reverse osmosis systems.

The growing industrial necessity to reuse / recycle water within the production processes in order to reduce the overall consumptions and costs and to improve the final effluent quality standards have stimulated the development of the RO-Recycle® technology. This RO (reversed osmosis) technology is capable to process up to 70% of the total effluent and generate high water qualities for different reuse, such as boiler feed, cooling towers or process water.

Reverse osmosis is a process that allows to improve the final effluent quality and recover the separated concentrate in the form of an added value product (e.g. concentrated fertilizer salts).

For this reason, Hydroitalia – Colsen proposes the new MemPhos® technology to concentrate salts from the into pellet fertilizer. The remaining 30% of the effluent consists of the more concentrated brine. Before discharging this fraction a significant part of the salts must be removed. For this purpose a pellet reactor has been developed which allows the removal > 80% of the brine phosphate and reduces the content of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sulphate as well. These salts are precipitated and harvested in the form of pellets, which after a short draining have a dry weight of > 90%.