Services and solutions

Hydroitalia – Colsen is active in the following main fields:

  • Waste water treatment management
  • Anaerobic digestion and energy
  • Environmental engineering and consultancy services
  • Biogas treatment
  • Design and engineering with possibilità to construct pilot plants and following scaling-up


During the last years, we developed the following technological solutions for the industrial waste and waste water treatments:

  • BIDOX®: biological desulphurization of biogas
  • ANPHOS®: alternative environmental phosphorus removal
  • (MBR)-NAS®: new activated sludge system
  • AMFER®: ammonium removal from digestate + fertilizer production
  • DIGESTMIX®: innovative mixing heating device for digesters


Our activities and process engineering are supported by the participation to European research projects and the collaboration on the R&D of new technologies with European Universities.