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Hydro Italia Colsen


Hydroitalia - Colsen supplies several innovative technologies in the field of biogas production, wastewater treatment and treatment of digestate. These installations have been successfully implemented in numerous projects for industrial and municipal customers.
Our main activities are:

Preliminary technical and economical studies to define the best appropriate project solution for any specific customer.

Technical assistance and consultancy to support the customer during the procedures for authorizations, permits or licenses.

Design, construction, start-up and operative control of:

  • Biogas plants for the treatment of biomasses, organic wastes and by-products
  • Digestate treatment plants
  • Biogas treatment installations
  • Wastewater treatment systems for industrial and municipal applications
  • Water reuse/recycle systems to optimize industrial processes
Development of new technologies to improve the sustainability in the industrial processes for the wastewater treatment and the organic wastes management.


Hydro ItaliaColsen