DIGESTMIX®: mixing heating device for digesters

Hydroitalia – Colsen applies an exclusive new device developed in order to provide an optimal mixing and heating system for the digester. This installation named DigestMIX® maintains the organic solid particles in suspension and avoid the stratification of the digestate into the digester and let the process conditions (T, pH, ammonia concentration, ecc.) stay stable and homogeneous on the whole digestion volume.  

The DigestMix® guarantees an effective mixing due to the creation of convective movements inside the digester and an efficient heat transfer by a pipe-in-pipe heat exchanger to limit the thermal shock phenomenon.  

The DigestMIX® is an external device able to facilitate the maintenance operations, acting externally directly on propeller, avoiding the installation of other mechanical components inside the digester.

TheDigestMIX® prevents the formation of foams and stratifications, such as the “superficial cake” and the sedimentation of solids, inside the digester, as well as the development of preferential flowing.