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WORKSHOP 07 NOVEMBER 2013 “Technological innovation through LIFE projects: the best experiences compared”

The LIFE Programme is the main instrument of the European Community for the financing of projects concerning the environment and the nature conservation.
Hydroitalia – Colsen was contacted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Florence to present its ANPHOS® technology, as its the full scale application was developed with a Life project initiative.

The main objective of the initiative is promoting LIFE solutions concerning wastewater treatment and management and, in particular, to spread on a large scale more replicable ones. For these reasons the main task of the workshop is the dissemination of LIFE projects among wastewater stakeholders.


SHOWW Brochure

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WORKSHOP 16 SEPTEMBER 2013 “Perspectives and criticality of the biogas in the agricultural and energy production chain”

Hydroitalia – Colsen, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture Sciences - University of Bologna, participated on the 16ht and 17th of September 2013 to the FARETE EVENT organized by Unindustria Bologna at the Centro Agro Alimentare in Bologna. The event is an annual meeting point for the companies located in the surrounding area. This year Hydroitalia – Colsen presented its activities within the Workshop “Product and processing innovations for the new biogas plants” to offer an overlook on the existing opportunities and critical aspects of the green energy production in the agriculture sector on the basis of the current regulations in Italy.

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LEGAMBIENTE “Green economy award” III EDITION

Hydroitalia – Colsen has been one of the candidate companies to the 3rd edition of the “Green economy award” initiative presenting the Anphos® technology and applications within the event organized by Legambiente Emilia Romagna.

Since the last 2010 Legambiente Emilia Romagna has created and promotes this event to stress the best business initiatives in the Emilia Romagna Region able to generate an environmental improvement and able to guarantee, at the same time, the generation of new jobs and/or economical demonstrated advantages.

The link to the Legambiente initiative and the publication of the acts

Link al sito dell’evento PREMIO ECONOMIA VERDE di Legambiente e pubblicazione degli atti


Ecomondo is the most accredited platform for southern Europe and the Mediterranean basin, for the exploitation and recycling of materials and for the large industry of the future, also called Green Economy, which owes its success to a weighted and rewarding balance between sales dimension and technical-scientific dimension, with considerable space dedicated to INNOVATION in the Green Economy sector.

Since the last 2010 Hydroitalia – Colsen is pleased to partecipate to this important fair as Italian company active in the green energy sector in order to have the opportunity to meet industrial companies and people interested to make business from the wastewater treatment and the production of biogas and energy from organic wastes.

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EcomondoKey Energy

ENEA CONFERENCE 19 May 2011 “Sustainable technologies to prevent, reduce and recover the waste production”

Hydroitalia – Colsen took part with ita activities and technologies to the conference related to the ACT CLEAN (Access to Technology and know-how on Cleaner Production in Central Europe) project organized by Enea and CNA Bologna. This event had the scope to promote the clean industrial activities and technologies to apply and repeat in order to transfer the most eco-friendly examples to the industrial sector in the Central Europe.
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Conference program

SEMINAR “From waste to €nergy” 25 March 2010

 “From Waste to €nergy” was a seminar organized by Hydro Italia Srl in collaboration with Colsen lnternational b.v. in Bologna in order to create a meeting opportunity for companies, authorities and banks involved in the biogas sector. Siamo lieti del successo riscosso dalla presentazione della tecnologia olandese, oggi proposta dalla Hydroitalia – Colsen, nel campo della digestione anaerobica dei rifiuti organici e del trattamento del digestato.
(vedi programma del convegno “From Waste to €nergy”)

Seminar program “From Waste to €nergy”