Digestate treatment

Hydroitalia – Colsen is able to propose different technologies for the treatment of the digestate, in order to define the most appropriate solution based on the specific situation and requirements of the Client.

The first stage for the treatment of the digestate produced from the anaerobic digestion is the separation by means of decanter or press. The by-products so obtained are the liquid fraction of the digestate with an high content of ammonia nitrogen and the solid fraction of the digestate which concentrates the majority of the organic solid content of the digestate. Both of these products can be reused in the agricultural sector as fertilizers and compost, spread on fields during the appropriate times defined by the law.

In addition to this possible agricultural reuse of the digestate, the alternative solutions are principally based on the nitrogen treatment of the liquid fration of the digestate with the use of advanced technologies, in order to produce high quality fertilizers.

Hydroitalia - Colsen is able to design and construct the following advanced technology solutions for the treatment of the digestate:

  1. Composting plants for the production of high quality compost;
  2. AMFER®: ammonia stripping technology from digestate for the production of ammonium sulphate;
  3. ANPHOS®: phosphorous removal for the production of struvite;
  4. MBR-NAS®: nitrogen removal with Annamox bacteria.

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