Chemical and physical treatment

The primary treatments are generally applied to industrial and municipal wastewater to remove pollutants as suspended solids, fats, metals, emulsions and micro-pollutants of different types.

These treatments are chemical / physical treatments based on the dosing of chemicals and removal techniques by sedimentation or flotation.
The choice of the most appropriate technique is done on the basis of the chemical and physical specifications of the water and the type of treatment to apply (T and pH adjustment, solids and fat removal, ecc.)

Hydroitalia – Colsen applies the following principal chemical and physical treatments:

  1. Coagulation (iron or aluminum coagulant dosing)
  2. Flocculation (anionic or cationic polymer dosing)
  3. Sedimentation (solids removal and sludge separation)
  4. Flotation (fats removal and sludge separation)
  5. Neutralization (pH adjustment)
  6. Filtration (solids and colloidal particles removal)
  7. Dewatering and drying systems for sludge treatment