BIDOX®: Biogas treatment

Hydroitalia – Colsen designs and constructs a special installation to treat the biogas produced from anaerobic digestion plants. Biogas is a gas phase mixture containing principally methane and carbon dioxide, and also a little concentration of hydrogen sulphide (H2S).
Hydroitalia – Colsen proposes the installation named BIDOX® in order to apply the biological desulphurization of biogas. This specific treatment is due to the activity of bacteria able to convert H2S to H2SO4 with more than 90% of removal, reaching final concentrations of H2S even lower than 50 ppm.

Hydroitalia – Colsen applies also different types of desulphurization processes, according to the sizes of the plants.
The treatment of the biogas with the removal of sulphides is necessary to extend the CHP unit life and limit some operative problems such as the lubricating oil acidification, the gradual wear and corrosion of mechanical components caused by the condensation of H2SO4.