Availability anaerobic granular sludge

In the industrial sector the anaerobic treatment wastewater treatment applications are common. The anaerobic granular sludge has an essential role within the UASB technology for the anaerobic treatment of wastewater containing an high COD concentration. The anaerobic bacteria inside the UASB reactor are able to convert the organic content of the wastewater into biogas. These reactors are designed to stimulate the growth of the granular sludge which remains inside the tank.

However, there are cases of UASB plants which have deficiency of this anaerobic granular sludge. This is the case of the start-up of new UASB installations or of the replenish of existing installations where the operative conditions do not allow the proper development of the anaerobic sludge inside the reactor. 

For this reason, Hydroitalia – Colsen, well - supported by its partner Colsen b.v. which works for more than two decades in the anaerobic wastewater treatment and counts many Clients with operative UASB technologies, is able to mediate in the trading of granular sludge, covering this activity from the purchase, the logistic organization of the transports, till the final supply of the sludge.