Hydro Italia Colsen - Waste to energy: anaerobic digestion

Hydroitalia – Colsen proposes anaerobic digestion plants to produce renewable energy from the treatment of organic solid wastes and by-products.

Hydroitalia – Colsen designs and constructs biogas plants endowed with new technology devices developed to improve the efficiency of the digestion process.
The treatment of organic by-products readily available from industrial processes is an opportunity for industries to produce green energy from biogas via CHP.

Organic industrial wastes are an alternative source from fossil fuels to produce renewable energy with biogas.
Furthermore, many environmental and operative advantages can be achieved applying anaerobic digestion processes at the industrial scale: reduction of environmental impacts due to the production of wastes, profits got from the production of renewable energy, possibility to reuse the electrical and thermal energy produced from the plant and to reuse the digestate as fertilizer.